Your budget book

A budget and finance app as simple as it should be


Let your money grow!

Our cumo budget book helps you to easily get an overview of your finances. It keeps your spending under control and allows your money to grow.

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Very simple instead of unnecessarily complicated

You don't need double-entry bookkeeping and 10-step evaluations, but simply want a a clear overview of your income and expenditure? Then cumo is just right for you. With just two pages, the app gives you the overview you need.

Category balances

Here you can see at a glance in which categories the most money was spent.


Entries list

The list of all entries provides all the data you need with the diagram analysis.


See for yourself

The app can be downloaded and tested free of charge from the App Store. If you like it, the full function can be permanently activated via a one-off in-app purchase.

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